The Impossible Children

Edit Log: Book 1 - Chapter 14

There are times when the author forgets certain details. I need to reread chapters over and over again in order to keep things straight. This is because sometimes I’ll write something and scrap it in order to save it for something later, but then forget whether I put this or that detail in the published work after all.

In this particular case, I need to keep track of what injuries have befallen certain characters and how they heal over time.

This one is another small edit. The original text read:

“Hallo?” said Charlie, her hand aglow. “Are you alright up there?”

It now reads:

“Hallo?” said Charlie, her hand aglow. Her foot was cleanly wrapped in bandages, and she leaned heavily upon a simple wooden cane. “Are you alright up there?”

Not too much of a difference, but it helps show progression as you read the chapters, and it’s not necessary to have these sorts of details occur in every single line.

Just a reminder here and there to let you know the author didn’t forget (even though I completely forgot!).