The Impossible Children

Arty Art Part Two!

I had such a great time commissioning art the last time that I decided to go and do it again!

I used the same artist as last time, the amazing Kelley McMorris!

The brief was once again fairly simple:

Annabelle cresting a hill and seeing the White Tower for the first time. This one is mostly about Annabelle and her journey of discovery, so the image is just focused on her. There might also be a flying girl off in the distance near the White Tower.

I’ve found I’m actually pretty hands off once I give an initial description of what I’m looking for. The artist is a much better person to hand off these sorts of design decisions, I think. Much better than me anyway.

And the illustration came out wonderfully! Behold!

I love how the darks and lights contrast one another, and the White Tower came out very striking indeed! We get to clearly see Annabelle’s reaction to something so wondrous and miraculous.

It’s interesting how this illustration is drawn in bit of a different style from the first one I commissioned from Kelley. It gives the world a more mature feeling and sensibility, which I like.

Anywho, Kelley is a very talented artist, and you should check out more of her stuff! She’s also quite friendly to self-published authors, if you’re looking for someone to illustrate your own self-published work.