The Impossible Children

Arty Art Part Three!

It’s been many long weeks since I’ve updated, but know that I’ve been working away at the book, perhaps a bit unsteadily, perhaps a bit slowly, but progress is being made.

In the meantime, I’ve commissioned another illustration from the amazingly talented Kelley McMorris!

Without further preamble, let’s take a look at the brief and then the illustration.

Annabelle is studying inside the dining hall, surrounded by a pile of books. Studying with her is Charlie looking bored.

What I like about this piece especially is how the white pencils capture a sort of halo of light around the girls. The contrast between the lights and darks makes this illustration especially pretty.

It’s been such a joy to witness how Kelley’s art style has grown and evolved over the last six months. She’s told me herself that she hasn’t had much chance to draw in a black and white pencil style, but I think it’s gotten better and better with each illustration.

Now you may be asking why I commissioned an artist who is known for her color illustrations and not her black and white ones. While I think her black and white repertoire is nothing to sneeze at, her work conveyed the tone I wanted to achieve in my own writing, which is really what it should be about. An entirely different artist wouldn’t have been able to capture that same voice or feeling.

Anywho, be sure to check out more of Kelley’s work and commission her yourself!